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We work for our clients within Communication, Customer Insight and/or E-Business.

Due to our global active network and past knowledge gathered from within several global companies, we are also working with “best practice”.

Announcement : The 1 of May 2022 Big-e have merged into and with Progressus IT Group.

For information about Progressus IT Group please go to : 

Since 2012 at BIG-E some of our client success stories

BIG-E Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Big-e warrants that all our services are delivered within the framework of our “Make our planet a better world” believe and in everything we do, and we strive every day to promote green sustainability, firm inclusion, and equality for all.

We also care deeply about the issues that shape society and the future of the planet, and all us at big-e, are diverse and engaged in our various communities.

Finally, we have enhanced our CSR strategy with various Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) objectives, hence CSR and ESG is in all our hearts of all we do and stand for at big-e.

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